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here you will be able to view my photography, print layout design, and creative work plus the different digital and non-digital items I create and sale on different marketplaces across the web along with different services I'm currently offering at an outstanding rate.
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Making memories 1 shutter click at a time to freeze the moment in time to cherish years to come no matter what the image may be of

 I'm an award winning published photographer based out of Rancho Cucamonga California just steps away from the famous route 66 mother road. I have been into photography since way before 2014, but really got into it in march of 2014 when I purchased my first DLSR camera. I am very passionate when it comes to the art of photography and getting outstanding imagery that everyone will love no matter if its portraits of people or real estate images I love what I do. 

Portraiture and modeling

A preview of my portraiture and modeling photography work I have done through the years including child(ern) portraits, family portraits, tween portraits, Teen portraits, college pictures, sibling pictures, infants portraits, head shots, couples portraits, social/digital media portraits, fashion portraits, beauty portraits and life style portraits.


A preview of some of my event photography work which includes a wedding I have covered at the main photographer, event photography for a city council candidate. I have also done other events that I can not use nor publish the images due to covering the event as a volunteer event photographer through the RC Photo Club. Some of the organizations I have done event photography for is the Rancho Cucamonga senior center, the Rancho Cucamonga community center, The Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter, The American Heart Association, Adonai, and foothill family shelters to name a few

Real estate, Architectural & interior

I have done exterior commercial real estate and vacant plot (landscape) photography along with capturing different architectural and interior imagery when I am at interesting places with my camera in hand. I have the eye for capturing the imagery that will show any real estate property , architecture design and interior design with eye catching images that you will like and will show off how your project and or property looks when people view the images I capture.

Social networks

Connect your social networks to share all your public publications and latest news.

Contact me about your contentography services needs

I will get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.

I'm now creating & selling various kinds of merchandise & wall art online at a great price

I'm creating all kinds of cool merchandise for sell online like coloring books, sketch books, notebooks, journals, wall art, calendars, clothing, accessories, and much so more so keep a look out for my merchandise and wall art.
Coming soon ...

check back to see what I have created (AMPOD & AKPND)
trust me its worth the wait ...

you will want to check back and see whats in store (PODESTY)
you will not be disappointed ...

I have a lot of great creations and works in the process and creating the ecommerce stores that will allow me to sell the products and wall art directly through them. some of the sites I will be going through is amazon, esty, and a few other trusted ecommerce sites for creating and selling merchandise and wall art. (OPODS)

sorry for any inconvenience, my photography services I offer have been halted due to a major personal injury i have had

I have taken a major fall and really did a great number on my knee and I'm trying to get things done and myself physically back together to where i can pick up my camera once again and do what i love to do which is creating great imagery.

- Thank you and have a great day 

Photography Services currently starting at $99.00

My rates normally starts at $150.00 and go up to $400.00

Portraiture Photography services starting at $150.00 for a 45 to 60 minutes session up to $400.00 for a 3 to 4 hour portraiture session.

> >  $99.00 photography services special offers < <

~ 60 to 90 minutes portrait session

~ 1 residential or commercial Real estate location 

~ 1 Transportation shoot

~ 3 to 6 products or food items photographed

~ 60/90 minutes of event photography

~ 60 minutes of comercial, industerialor business photography

Photo services includes all images that passes inspection of the photographer/editor edited in a basic and or 

artistic edit sent via a downloadable file via wetransfer.com which will be available to download for a total of 7 days. 

(To have images via a flash drive, it will be $20.00 added to the session cost)

** Special offer rate available to those who complete release allowing the photographer to use the images on there portfolio , social media, digital media, marketing, advertising and photo contest, photo displays both online and or offline.

* When deciding to get photography services, please keep in mind that photographers should get paid like any other profession. Photographers pay for their equipment, editing software, and training, not counting the endless hours they put into developing there skills, knowledge and abilities in the art of photography. For every hour of shooting there is another 2 to 3 hours of editing work, not counting the time spent preparing and traveling to the shooting location. 

- sincerely,  CRD Photography - Imagery by Chris Dye

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